Community Project

The Springfield Old Capital Art FairThe Community Project made its debut at the Springfield Old Capitol Art Fair's 50th Anniversary in 2011. This project was envisioned to be an interactive event for Fair patrons of all ages. The Community Project Chair selects a piece of artwork from an invited artist that will be both fun and interesting to replicate. Everyone at the Fair is invited to participate in the creation of the mural by painting a tile (while they last). Patrons are then able to watch the mural come together piece by piece over the Fair weekend. The finished product is then displayed in a public space for one year. The 2016 mural is currently located in the Illinois State Museum.

Past Featured Artists:

  • 2017: Dominic Cheng
  • 2016: Scot Schmidt
  • 2015: Richard Dutton
  • 2014: Sharon Spillar
  • 2013: Anastasia Mak
  • 2012: Holly Sue Foss
  • 2011: Laura Meddaugh


If you have questions or are interested in volunteering at the Comunity Project, please contact Paul Countryman by email.