Fees & Policies


Yearly Jury Fee: $35    Single booth (10'x10'): $350    Double booth (10'x20'): $600

*Your booth fee includes a $20 vendor’s license that SOCAF pays to the city of Springfield.

**A $50 reimbursement will be sent to you after the Fair if you submit and/or donate a minimum of 11 (this includes a judging piece) pieces to the Children’s Tent. Detailed information about the Children’s Tent can be found under General Information.

SOCAF does not take a percentage of exhibitors’ profits made during Fair weekend. An artist requesting a booth refund, for any reason, before the stated refund date will receive a 75% refund of their booth fee. No booth refunds will be made after the stated refund date, regardless of the reason. A $25 fee will be charged for all bank returned checks, cancellations and foreign funds.

Artwork and Reproduction Policy

An artist's statement must be prominently displayed in the artist’s booth describing the art, its processes, and intent. Artists who choose to use reproductions of original works must remember to mark each reproduction as a "reproduction." Reproductions are limited to 20% of booth space and must be kept in a browsing bin; they may not be hung in display space.

Definition of a reproduction: If your original work is copied and reproduced by digital or photographic means and printed on an offset press, Xerox copier, a serigraph press, or through a computer by means of an inkjet or laser printer, it is a reproduction. This definition includes giclees. Each piece must be clearly labeled as a reproduction. Reproductions are not eligible for cash prizes.

Definition of limited edition prints: this includes all media of hand-printed editions such as: intaglio, lithography, woodcuts, linocuts, serigraphy, as well as photographs. Editions must not exceed 250 in an edition and must be marked as “limited edition prints.” Limited edition prints are eligible for cash prize awards in their respective show medium categories.

Note cards, postcards, calendars, coloring books, food items, posters, t-shirts, velvet prints, etc. are not allowed under these policies. Ceramics made from commercial molds, commercially fabricated jewelry forms and setting, and items made from hobby store kits are also not acceptable.