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The Springfield Old Capital Art Fair

Our Civic Art Collection

The Springfield Old Capital Art Fair

When the Old Capitol Art Fair was created in 1961, one of its purposes was to create a civic art collection for the city of Springfield. Each year, the Board of Directors purchases 1 to 3 pieces to add to the collection. The purchases are announced at the Artists Dinner and become part of a permanent collection, open to the public, and on display in Springfield's Municipal Center, the Hoogland Center for the Arts, the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor's Office, Senator Obama's Office, the Lincoln Library, Lincoln Land Community College and the Sangamon County Complex. Today the collection totals contains more than 200 pieces. (photogallery)

Hoogland Center for the Arts - Located at 420 South Sixth Street and is open from 8 am to 5 pm seven days a week. A bronze sculpture by Thomas Yano is on display in the lobby. (photogallery)

The Office of the Mayor - This is located at 800 East Monroe, Room 300. The building is open from 8 am to 4 pm. The pieces from the collection displayed here are: (photogallery)

Untitled by Ginny Herzog
Musicians by Billy Morrow Jackson
Interzone by John Morehouse
Suspension Bridge by Paul Otto
Untitled by Lou Zale

Municipal Center - Located on Monroe Street, between 7th and 8th Streets, these two buildings are open between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. weekdays. Here visitors will see oils, watercolors, mixed media, etchings, ceramic and metal sculptures, as well as photographs. Works represented include: (photogallery)

The Big Black by Judy Fricano
Noah's Laws by Jan Fleck
Yellow and Soft by Jack Madura
Boy and Door by Michael Martin
Skater with Scarf by Jody Depew McLean
Lost in Parnell by Larry Steinbauer
Dream by A. Wright Uhlmann
Untitled by William G. Haendel
Untitled by John Mulder
Girl with a Doll by Zora Duval
The Cover by James Kirkell
Abstraction by Robert Cobb
Girl, Summer Dream by Phillip White
Climb Your Gantry - Spin Your Wheel and Crucify
    by Clyde Ball
Untitled by Clyde Ball
Floating 167 by Michael Anton Bruckdorfer
Nine Patch Lincoln by Rod Buffington
A New Unity by Lin Christopher
Untitled by Paul Donhauser
Bird in Tree by William Fothergill
Within a Square by Tom Fricano
Untitled by Ethel Gelic
Prairiescape by Nancy Gillespie
Innerl's by Michael Guzzardo
Guardian in Red by Sharon Hardin
Flight of Three by Carole Harrison
For Earth Bringeth Forth Fruit of Herself or Seed Pod
    by Thomas Hibben
Untitled by Frances Higgins
Untitled by Don Johns
Chair by Sally Kirk
3 Men Warriors by Sarah Lashmett
Mailbox by David Laughlin
Solid Rock Strata by J. Luray
Prairie Sky by Ruth Mazrim
Bouquet by James Murray
Untitled by Don Pilcher
Mid Western Terrain by Jim Prindiville
Untitled by Nicholas Prokos
On the Route to the New City by Sheri Ramsey
Untitled by Sam Rosby
The Market Place by Dale Steffey and Dawn Adams
O by Michael Stipek
Three pieces by Cecil Strawn
Untitled by Maynard Tischer
Fog Barn Scene by Lyle Wessale
Untitled by Paula Winokur

Lincoln Library - The public library is located at 326 S. 7th Street and is open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The library is open on Sundays from 1-5 p.m. October through April. Please call 217-753-4900 for more information. On display at the library are oil and watercolor paintings, mixed media collage, etchings, ceramic and bronze bas relief, bronze castings, pencil drawings, woven tapestry, metal sculptures, and photographs. A futuristic bronze sculpture, Portrait of Abraham Lincoln, by Abbott Pattison and a steel sculpture, Celebration, by Eugene Horvath are on display outside.Works that were purchased for display are: (photogallery)

Branches XVII by M. Runnells
Yesterday II by Charles Kaiser
Pair of Pears by Julie Sutter Blair
Girl Waiting by Paula Algominowicz
Washington Park by Betty Madden Work
Committee Builds the Headquarters by Don Thrachsler
Haunted House by Lyle Wessale
Still Life by Louise Bernard
Oyster Shells on Beach by Martin Sudars
Peace Prayer by Pat Rotello
Bronze Maquette of "Celebration" by Eugene A. Horvarth
Untitled by Tom Fricano
Nurturing the Future by Nicola Blease
Jamy by Karen DiPirro
Kick Back by Dan Ford
City on Hill by Fran Larson
Cherry Blossons by Johnny Lung
Forged Iron Lectern by Roberta Elliott
Portrait of Abraham Lincoln by Abbott Pattison
Entering by Edward J. Giant
Kiva Magic Maker by Judith Esarove
Canyon by Doug Danz
River of Three Moons by Ronald Rolfe
Untitled by Jeff Kidder
Untitled by Jean Crane Koeper
Untitled by Michael Dunbar
Crossing the Golden Pond by Bob C. Harvey
Indian 1971 by Richard Duncan
Untitled by Elwood C. Howell
Untitled by Richard Hammond

Earth Fibers, #5 by Harriet Hanson
Untitled by William Haendel
In The Meantime Greece is Traveling by Dorothea Bilder
Conversation with a Fish by John WisnoskyAcapulco Beach by George Yehlick
Waiting for the Big One by Thomas Schultz
Window Sill by Jeff Pienkos
The Oarsman II by Sam Ruder
Apples & Toaster by Janice Miller
Broken Glass or Window by Rudy Ohrning
Coming Storm by Lynn Krause
Striped Awnings by Cyd LaBonte
Langford Place by Ginny Lee
The Beast and Me by Thomas Kapheim
Untitled by Atsushi Kikuchi
Across the Street by Swietian Kraczyna
Alter Piece for a Lady Chapel by Diana Harvey
The Simple Life by Susan Hunt-Wulkowicz
Trees by Win Jones
Members Only by Curt Frankenstein
Petunias and Silver Bowl by Jan Frey
Tree in Sky II by Gerald Erley
Writing a Letter to His Mother by Joseph Fettingis
Three Boys or Students by Irene Fisher
Couch by Norm Darwish
Just for Diane by Bob DeFrates
Guilin Children by Robert D. Brudd
Untitled by John Culik
Manscape, Series VIII by Richard Benda
Untitled by William Bauer

Lincoln Land Community College - (photogallery)

Quarry fo Briggsville by Kevin Booten
Untitled by Norm Olson
Classified Information
by Skip Steinworth
Trees by Belva Ball
Bronze Marquetts of "Celebration" by Eugene A. Horvarth
Store Fronts On Sixth Avenue
by Carl Johnson
Ice Storm II by Sheri Ramsey
Autumn Glory by Jill Bedford
Illinois State Capitol from 3rd Floor Rail
    by William Crook, Jr.

Verdict II by Jan Fleck
Scales of Justice by Jan Fleck Untitled by Diana Kleidon
Untittled by Robert Lossman
Iris by Sharon Pickron
From Within by W. Scott Wilson
Menkin I by John Wisnosky
Gatleya's by Sharon Pickrone

Sangamon County Complex - At 200 S. 9th Street, the complex is open weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The bronze sculpture, enamel on copper, multi-media, watercolor and batik, and watercolor paintings are on display on the first and second floors. Works displayed are: (photogallery)

Street Car by Bill England
New Sounds by Michael Anton Bruckdorfer
Untitled by Walter R. Ferris
Feather Mask by Gwen Bennett
Five Point Raku by George Blackman
Common Place by William E. Coombs
Wall Tile by Steve and Miky Cunningham

Postville Court House by Vaudeth C. Evans
Untitled by Jane Frey
Terminal Image with a Victorian Lady by Win Jones
Gathering Storm by Jean Juhlin
Profusion by Virginia G. Maxwell
Tribune by Charles Morris

Sangamon County Community Foundation - Works displayed are: (photogallery)

Untitled by Luis R. Cuevas
Palaza De. Calle by Billy Morrow Jackson
Newport Trees by Lenny Nagler